About Sheriff Alpacas

Caroline Barugh founded “Goodness Farm” in 2010 growing organic vegetables and hand rearing free-range livestock for her organic home delivery scheme, little did she know that 10 years later “Goodness farm” would be home to a 30 strong herd of alpacas.


The first time Caroline visited a local alpaca farm, she knew that she wanted to learn as much as she could about these intriguing and beautiful animals. Caroline completed an array of courses and shows enabling her to develop and expand her knowledge.

In 2014 Caroline purchased three top quality females to start her small herd and “Sheriff Alpacas” was born.  Caroline quickly fell in love with her small herd realising just how lovable and quirky alpacas truly are!


Caroline’s greatest passion is understanding and developing the complexities of breeding and striving to produce the ultimate fleece, this meant basing the development of the herd on the perfect combination of genetics.


Through her devotion and love for the herd Caroline takes great enjoyment in monitoring the herd closely, thus ensuring they are happy and healthy. Goodness farm is enclosed with entrenched rabbit netting to deter unwelcome visitors, our alpacas have regular health checks and worm counts to ensure a healthy microbiome.

In order to maintain a quality feed source we regularly rotate our fields to allow our paddocks time to regrow and therefore nourish the herd accordingly. At “Sheriff Alpacas” we firmly believe that our alpaca’s health and well-being is paramount, we spend quality time with our alpacas to ensure they become confident when handled, our utilisation of camelidynamics in training the herd has helped us achieve happy healthy alpacas!

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