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About Us

Sheriff Alpacas has been developed by Caroline Barugh and  is based on a 7 acre farm 10 miles North of York. Caroline has successfully set up an organic veg box scheme on the farm but through time wanted to introduce livestock into her enterprise.  Thus the interest in alpacas began……

Caroline knew as soon as she visited a local alpaca farm that she wanted to learn all she could about them! She went on many courses and shows developing her knowledge and finally selected 3 top quality females to start her small herd in 2014.  Little did she know alpacas would be so addictive and she would fall in love with them!  Not only that but the complexities of developing the ultimate fleece was intriguing and a science in its self.  We have carefully planned out herd development to  allow the perfect combination of genetics.  

Through our love for our alpacas we enjoy watching the herd which also helps us monitor the alpacas and make sure they are happy and healthy and nothing is missed.  Our 7 acre farm has been enclosed with entrenched rabbit netting deterring unwelcome visitors! Our alpacas have regular health checks and worm counts carried out to ensure all is well and we rotate fields regularly to keep the paddocks clean. We spend a lot of time handling and training our alpacas using camelidynamic methods which has really contributed to a happy calm herd.